Dawn (Dee) Dungy

Year Joined MKLM:     2011
Phnom Penh
Focus:   Education, Pastoral, Healthcare, Civil & Human Rights
Maryknoll Community Center Mother’s Group
Project Goal:   
Train and empower the Mother’s Group andlocal youth

Personal Data

Dee graduated in 1983 from  Indiana University, Bloomington IN, with a BS in Marketing Research including additional emphasis in Graphic Design from Purdue University, 2006 – Cursillo #78 formation class, 2005 – Florida P & C Insurance License, 2007 graduate of JustFaith; Fort Lauderdale FL.

She resided for over 27 years in South Florida, Miami/Fort Lauderdale area where she was an active member in her Church. She served on the Board of SVdP; Church without walls, homeless outreach; StandUp for Kids Street Children and alongside other organizations that served people with disabilities, such as Joni and Friends and Search Beyond Adventures.

Dee also worked as the P & C Team Leader of the Small Business Unit for an all lines Insurance company for seven years.  She also served 3 years in missions in Jamaica, WI and San Juan, Puerto Rico and for another 3 years as a Project Manager for a check printing company.

Dee tells us, “My life path truly began by answering my Baptismal call in the early 70’s.  I chose a path that felt familiar to me in my surroundings; praising God, listening and discerning options for the marginalized; being present and a comforter to the elderly. That was life as I knew it, besides being the third of five siblings of hard working parents.”

Current Ministry:

Dee is  currently serving at the Maryknoll Community Center in Anlong Kngan, a forced eviction resettlement area about 45 minutes outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with an estimated 4,700 families. She assists the 6 women of the Mother’s Group in Sen Sok village with improving and strengthening their mission of training and teaching, through education and creative thinking skills. They serve those living in deplorable conditions, the elderly and the alienated groups living on the fringes of this community.

Also, the Mother’s Group provides a helping hand to a second forced eviction resettlement area, poom Ang Doung, estimated 11,379 families; 4,000 women and to several other surrounding pooms. In these pooms, we serve the poorest of the marginalized women, nursing mothers and children in which we teach and train mothers on the importance of good hygiene, how to make nutritional boba (rice porridge) for their family and we provide basic First-Aid care for the children.

Currently, the Mother’s Group sustainability is maintained by obtaining school uniforms’ sewing contracts. The Mother’s Group has had 4 contracts for the past several years with approximately 1,200 uniforms. Last year, we picked up an additional 2 contracts that afforded us with an additional 1,040 uniforms.

The ministry’s goal is to train and empower the Mother’s Group and the youth at the Community Center on fun and clear ways of delivering Awareness and Preventative Programs to the surrounding pooms bi-annually with frequent follow-up measures.