Debbie Northern

Year Joined MKLM: 1999
Country: U.S
City: Ossining
Focus:  Training and Education Programs manager for MKLM
Project:  Working with Orientation, Mission Intergration Program (MIP) and recruitment
Goals:  To plan and organize Orientation programs, MIP and to serve MKLM in US

Personal Data:

Debbie Northern is originally from Warsaw, VA. She has two bachelors and three post-graduate degrees. Before coming to MLM she resided in Radford, VA, where she was active in St. Jude Parish and was Catholic Campus Minister at Radford University. Debbie joined MKLM in 1999. She served in Tanzania for three years at St. Augustine University of Tanzania.. In 2003 she began her work in El Salvador.

Current Ministry:

Debbie is the Training and Educational programs manager for MKLM.  This includes planning and follow through with the Candidate Orientation Program and MIP. Besides these responsibilities she also helps with recruitment and interviewing potential new candidates.