Dwayne Fernandes

Year Joined MKLM: 2014
Country: El Salvador
City: San Salvador
Focus: Nutrition, Health-Care and Education

Personal Data:

Dwayne grew up in Bombay, India where he received a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Bombay. He holds a Master of Divinity from Newman Theological College, Canada and a Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction Studies from Washington Theological Union, Washington, D.C. In addition, he has completed 5 Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) units.

Dwayne has a vast array of work experiences from working in the hotel industry, communications and marketing (radio and television) and as a sous chef.  Dwayne was a seminarian in India and Canada and became a Franciscan Friar serving in Canada and the U.S. His hobbies include exploring shipwrecks on deep sea dives, cooking with chilies, adding blues and jazz notes to piano arrangements, pumping iron, backpacking on shoe-string budgets and staying tuned to the Pope Francis Effect. His family lives in Bombay. He can be reached through his Facebook page (Dwayne Fernandes).


Dwayne Fernandes gets to feed his passion for cooking and hospitality at the Soy Program where he is given full rein to experiment with the soy bean and create nutritious meals for the “pueblo” of San Ramon. The Soy Program feeds about 50 families of limited resources daily and over the years, it has been a privilege for Dwayne to get to know the people of this neighborhood, develop relationships and participate in their stories. To help make the program more self-sustaining, Dwayne has developed a marketing and sales campaign to incorporate some of the program’s products and soy milk into local markets.

Since 2017, Dwayne has been working with FUNDASIL, an organization that promotes human development in children. Located a block away from the Soy Program, FUNDASIL offers a safe, learning space for children with initiatives in counselling, art therapy and human rights. To add to the curriculum, Dwayne recently started the Culinary School for Kids – a collaboration between FUNDASIL and the Soy Program to offer the children of San Ramon a fun, artistic and imaginative outlet.