Elizabeth Mach

Year Joined MKLM: 1976
Country: Tanzania
City: Musoma
Focus: Healthcare, Civil and Human
Project(s): Healthcare in Musoma
People Served: Patients and staff of Diocese of Musoma
Project Goal(s): Provide care and assistance to Tanzanians that are critically ill due to Malaria, HIV/AIDS and many other diseases

Personal Data

Elizabeth (Liz) Mach is originally from Pine City, MN, where she was a member of Immaculate Conception Parish, Diocese of Duluth. Liz is a nurse and has been a lay missioner since the program’s origins in 1976. She is one of three missioners who have served for more than 25 years.

Her mission service began in Tanzania in 1976 where she worked until 1982. She worked in leadership and administrative roles for MKLM in the U.S. and then returned to work in Sudan. Liz returned to Tanzania in 1997 to work at the Kowak Medical Center (Diocese of Musoma) until she got re-assigned in 1998 to the Bugando Medical Center (BMC) in the Diocese of Mwanza as a nurse and patient advocate.

Presently she works in a variety of ministries in order to best answer the needs of the Diocese of Musoma. She spends part of each month at Masanga Health Center in the very north east section of the Diocese. Here she works with the Daughters of Charity to bring health care within the hospital, for the care and treatment center for HIV and is involved with grant writing and reports. The area still does Female Genital Mutilation and Liz works as supportive staff for the sisters and committee working towards its eradication.

Liz also works with 24 HIV positive children through a program established by Maryknoll Sister Marion Hughes with whom Liz is living in Musoma. This program provides emotional support for family and caregivers as well as food supplements. She also works in a supportive way for Watoto Wapinge Ukimwi-Children working to prevent Aids-with over 250 children in the program.

Besides these ministries she continues to be involved in the prevention and care of obstetric fistula and continues her research in this area. She spent one month last year on a nationwide tour (New York, Minnesota, Seattle, Washington) speaking and advocating for greater awareness in this area. She has published both her data research and also written on the ethics of fistula.