Gabrielle Cuda

Year Joined MKLM: 2017
Country: Africa
City: Tanzania
Focus: Education
Project(s): LULU Project
Project Goal(s): The LULU Project serves at-risk teenage mothers, teaching them life skills and ways to earn an income. Gabrielle shares the program’s goal of helping these women discover their talents, plan their futures, and start small businesses.

Personal Data:

Gabrielle has worked as a restaurant manager, salon receptionist, and barista. She has volunteered in a homeless shelter and a convalescent home. In addition, she has tutored and mentored children from low-income families. She previously spent two weeks in June 2016 working in Uganda as part of the Reignite Uganda program.

Current Ministry:

Volunteering in Uganda spurred Gabrielle’s love for East Africa and its people. Gabrielle came to Maryknoll having grown up seeing the Maryknoll magazine. She is very excited to work in Tanzania, as this was her first choice in country assignments. In Tanzania, she will brush up on her Swahili and hopes to taking on a teaching role, similar to her work in Uganda.


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