Kathleen Maynard

CITY/TOWN: São Paulo
FOCUS: Healthcare, Disease Prevention and Youth Education
PEOPLE SERVED: Children with Cancer, Adults with HIV/AIDS, At-Risk Adolescents

Kathleen was born in Portland, Maine and grew up in Jackson, New Hampshire- a small town nestled in the White Mountains. After graduating from Colby College in 2009 with a Bachelors in History, she served as a Jesuit Volunteer in Juneau, Alaska. She worked with young mothers, young fathers, and their babies at a ‘Young Parent Center’ in Juneau. Teaching Women’s Health and Child Development at the alternative high school, preparing family activities, planning weekly family meals, and organizing outings for youth were my main projects at the Young Parent Center. After her service with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, she returned to school and earned a Masters in Nursing from Boston College’s Connell School of Nursing in 2013. From 2013 to 2016 she worked as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Memorial Hospital’s Primary Care Practice in North, Conway New Hampshire. There she cared for patients of all ages – providing wellness visits, disease prevention, nutrition education, and addressing acute illness and injury. During her time living in New Hampshire, her husband Marcelo and Kathleen were part of the ‘Our Lady of the Mountains’ parish located in North Conway. During their three years in New Hampshire, Cecilia and Maëlle were born.

Kathleen is in mission with her husband, Marcelo Maiorano, and their two children, Cecilia and Maëlle. Kathleen current ministries are focused on providing holistic support to individuals facing health challenges and on promoting wellness among at-risk youth at a youth resource center. Her studies and work as a nurse practitioner are enabling her to provide information and support, to promote health among vulnerable populations.

Projects and Project Goals:
Bem Me Quer: Bem me Quer is an organization that serves people with HIV and AIDS living in poor periphery communities of São Paulo. At Bem Me Quer’s resource center various classes and activities are offered for free to people with HIV and AIDS. As part of Bem Me Quer’s team I visit people with HIV or AIDs at home in order to support their holistic health, access to resources and to provide education on medications. I also teach a course on living with chronic disease at Bem Me Quer’s resource center.

Casa Ninho: Casa Ninho is a home where children from poor families live while receiving cancer treatment in São Paulo. Children live at the home with their mother or other family member for the duration of their cancer treatment (sometimes for up to 2 or 3 years). Currently I assist by doing art, reading and sport activities with children age 2 to 12 who live at the home.

Projeto Quixote: Projeto Quixote is a wellness and education center for youth who come from situations of poverty, homelessness or violence. Projeto Quixote offers youth opportunities to learn new skills and express themselves in a safe space. An array of classes including art, music, dance and entrepreneurship are taught. Counseling and nursing services are also available to youth there. Currently I am teaching an English class with a music theme to adolescents at the center. Next semester I will be teaching a yoga class to children and parents who visit the center.