Margaret (Peg) Vámosy

Year Joined MKLM: 2008
Country: El Salvador
Community: Monte San Juan
Focus: Sustainable Development and Pastoral Ministry
Ministry: Agricultural assistance and pastoral accompaniment to parishioners of Monte San Juan
Ministry Goal: To accompany, advise and work with parish members to improve agricultural production, environmental awareness, lay leadership and to promote a deepening of faith

Personal Data:

Peg grew up in rural New York State and spent the last few years before joining Maryknoll Lay Missioners back on the family farm caring for her elderly parents.  She was active in the Sacred Heart Parish in Stamford, NY, as well as in the Albany Diocese.  A horticulturist, she has degrees from Cornell and Texas A&M.  Peg served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador, lived and worked on an Arizona Indian reservation, taught at El Zamorano (Pan-American Agricultural School) in Honduras, served as pastoral assistant in a rural parish in Honduras and worked for the NYS Migrant Education Program.

Current Ministry:

Peg works in the rural parish of Monte San Juan in El Salvador, where lay people are active in the 12 different communities of the parish.  She works in agricultural and environmental ministries of the parish, accompanying farm families and small base communities as they deepen their faith and understanding of community life and action. She aids them in working to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability and promote environmental awareness and preservation.

Peg did similar work in Cambodia and East Timor, working and walking with farm families in their daily lives, and accompanying parish lay leaders and youth groups.