Sirikit Noronha

Year Joined MKLM: 2011
Country: Brazil
City: Sao Paulo
Focus: Civil and Human Rights
Projects: Refugees, Foreign Women in Prison and the Elderly
Project Goals: To provide support and services to refugees, foreign women in prison and the elderly

 Personal Data:

Sirikit Noronha was born and grew up in Bombay, India where she studied and worked in the areas of Law, Business Management and Economics. Sirikit earned a Masters degree in Law from NYU Law School and a Masters degree in Commerce from the University of Bombay. Prior to joining MKLM in 2011, Sirikit lived and worked in New York City where she practiced International Financial Law. Sirikit also did pro bono legal work and volunteered at the Meatloaf Kitchen in New York City.

Current Ministries:

Sirikit currently serves three marginalized populations in Sao Paulo. Working through the Caritas Center for Refugees, Sirikit is involved in programs that provide protection and assistance to Refugees from over 80 countries and help facilitate their integration in Brazil. Sirikit seeks to build bridges across cultures, languages, religious beliefs, ages, races and gender.

Sirikit says her prison ministry is a window on the plight of the oppressed and the excluded. Working with Foreign Women in Prison with the Projeto Estrangeiras team at ITTC, a Brazilian NGO, she listens to the concerns of women in two prisons in Sao Paulo and provides support in legal and social services. The team collaborates with Public Defenders, Consulates, the prison administration and other organizations in addressing the needs of those detained and in defending their rights.

At Casa de Clara, a facility for Brazilian Elderly run by Franciscan NGO SEFRAS, Sirikit works on programs that empower the elderly in defending their rights and help seniors build their self-esteem through participation in exercise, dance, music, arts and crafts.