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Who is my neighbor?

Christine Bodewes, a former Markynoll lay missioner in Kenya, reflects on learning the lesson of the parable of the Good Samaritan. By Christine Bodewes Today’s Gospel calls on us to treat our neighbor as our self – it is one of the most challenging Gospels for me. It asks us to think deeply about who exactly is our neighbor. We know...
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Strengthening bonding through baby massages

In Brazil, Kathy Bond teaches Shantala baby massage to women in marginalized communities. By Kathy Bond I recently had the privilege of giving a Shantala baby massage workshop to 16 women and four public health workers in a clinic in an economically marginalized community. There are so many benefits for babies who receive Shantala on a daily basis, including motor...
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Working together to be good Samaritans

Francisco and the call of the Gospel By Joe Loney Francisco Ayala is a man who reminds our Maryknoll Lay Missioners community in Bolivia that we must constantly be prepared to answer God´s call to creatively work together to achieve inclusive, social justice. Francisco is from the small town named Entre Ríos, located in the tropical area of Cochabamba, Bolivia. As...
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