From Mission to Mission Workshops

Our next workshop is April 16-19 in New York.

Here are some things I’d like you to know about our workshops:

  • Our workshops are for domestic AND international volunteers and missioners from any program, university, diocese, etc. We serve EVERYONE!
  • Former volunteers can attend our workshop in the months or even years after completing their term of service. The workshop is not just for those who recently finished their service.
  • We know that volunteers usually struggle financially after they finish their term of service and that you probably don’t have the funds to help them participate in our workshop. We work with each individual to make it possible for them to attend. We don’t turn anyone away.
  • Because many of our participants have just started working and can’t get time off, we encourage them to come even if they can’t come to the entire workshop.

The workshop includes:

  • Telling the story of your experience
  • Honoring the gifts of the experience
  • Recognizing what needs healing from the experience
  • Understanding and dealing with transition
  • Integrating the experience

2015 Workshop Schedule

    • April 16-19 in New York
    • July 9-12 in Chicago
    • October 29 – November 1 in Chicago

FROM MISSION TO MISSION was created to serve your people. Help us do that. Please pass on our schedule to anyone who may be interested. Please see our website for more information: or contact me at

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