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The miracle of Pentecost

Communication lessons learned from the Deaf community in Cambodia By Karen Bortvedt “Can I come and visit your center? I want to meet other Deaf people. I am Deaf and visiting from …” started many of the emails I received while working at the Deaf Development Programme in Cambodia. As a naturally anxious person, I would sometimes think, “Oh no!...
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Signs of hope

How lay missioners have assisted Cambodia’s Deaf community in building a better future Story and photos by Karen Bortvedt “I remember hiding in a ditch, with some tree limbs over us,” says Heang Samath. “There were four of us together. My parents, my older brother who was hearing, and me—the one deaf person. My parents told us we needed to...
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The Magic of Cultural Exchange

Written by Maryknoll Lay Missioner Nancy Davies When serving in a foreign country, we as Maryknoll Lay Missioners are sensitive to respecting the culture of the local people. We are also open to learning about their customs and way of living. As I work here in Cambodia, I am surprised to find that the Cambodians are just as curious and...
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