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Restorative Justice goes beyond Legal Training

Written by Maryknoll Lay Missioner Joe Loney We met in a ten by five foot room, which serves as a computer skills room, library, interview room and combined storage-closet for the newcomers and sleeping quarters in the nighttime. Through the grapevine, Miguel learned that the free lawyer from the “Church” was attending to legal questions. He must have waited fifteen...
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Celebrating Life in the Planting Seeds of Goodness Project

by Flávio Jose Rocha da Silva One of my ministries here in the periphery of São Paulo is working in a holistic health Center called Planting Seeds of Goodness run by Franciscan Catechist Sisters. The center offers different alternative health treatments on a sliding scale and is located in the outskirts of this megacity in a neighborhood called Jardim Capela. Violence...
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