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Seizures: Curse or Disease?

By Maryknoll Lay Missioner Judy Walter Hamida is a 10 year old girl living in the slum of Bangladesh on the outskirts of Mombasa, Kenya.  Because of a seizure disorder, her mother never sent her to school, wanting to protect her from the shame and embarrassment of having a seizure in front of classmates. In Kenya and many other countries...
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St. John Bosco Rehabilitation Center

St. John Bosco Rehabilitation Center by Russ Brine Maryknoll Lay Missioner Russ Brine recounts the story of a young girl in the slums in Northern Kenya. “I have served as the Project Manager of the St. John Bosco Rehabilitation Centre in Kenya since 2005.  This is a project of the local church and my colleagues are Kenyan teachers and social...
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