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Report from Rosario

By Hiep Vu and Tawny Thanh  In June, the church commemorated Corpus Christi, the feast of “The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ.” In order to participate in the street processions, everyone from our small village had to travel to the bigger town to commemorate how God is with us through the blessed sacrament. A week earlier we celebrated the...
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Story of Rick Dixon’s Ministry Published in America Magazine

Maryknoll Lay Missioner Rick Dixon works primarily with youth in a region of El Salvador called Cojutepeque. Some of Rick’s ministry goals are to help build and strengthen spiritual communities, help youth to stay in school and develop the youths’ leadership abilities so they might participate in a more profound spiritual life and service to their community. In this recently-published story...
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Preventative Health Care in Bolivia

By Lexie Adams Stress is all around us and in us. That’s what I am noticing here too in Bolivia, it’s all over the world. It manifests itself in many ways, many of which are negative: from violence to depression, from hectically scrambling around to lack of patience, from feeling physically sick to verbally bringing down others. How do we...
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