Ministry Needs Catalog

Seeking to better provide for the programs through which our Maryknoll Lay Missioners offer hope and compassion to people in desperate need.

For Maryknoll Lay Missioners, serving the poor through our ministries across Africa, Asia and Latin America is both a privilege and a challenge. Nearly 60 lay missioners worldwide use their energy and creativity to relieve the suffering of the poor. Through their work, they help the local people alleviate their situations of suffering, and work for systems change and alternatives to oppressive structures. They often encounter obstacles—including revolutions, prejudice and indifferent governments—yet they continue to do God’s work day after day. Their projects encompass healthcare, civil and human rights, education and environmental and economic development.

The attached proposal contains ministry examples that we curated from our overall missioners’ activity that best represents areas where there is significant need from the population being served. These projects are well-established with good organization and processes that can support a sustained commitment and have strong potential for expansion and growth.

ministry needs coverAs reflected in each project budget*:
Supporting each missioner in the field costs Maryknoll Lay Missioners $29,000 (on average) annually, which includes the following expenses:
• Stipend (includes food & lodging)
• Local transportation
• Health insurance
• Retirement benefit contributions
• Transportation to and from mission site (every three years)
• Visas
• Immunizations and boosters
• Missioner training (orientation, language school and continuing education)

*Expenses related to U.S.-based support services are not included in this figure

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