Rebecca (Becca) Muder

Year Joined MKLM: 2016
Country: El Salvador
City: TBD
Focus: Pastoral Care, Justice and Peace & Human Rights
Project(s): Pastoral Carcerária, Instituto Terra, Trabalho, e Cidadania & Casa de Clara
People Served: Incarcerated & Elderly Populations

Becca has recently transferred from Brazil to El Salvador and is currently studying the language and discerning her new ministry. Her last ministry in Brazil is described below.

Project Goal: To provide compassionate and focused pastoral care and accompaniment to incarcerated populations in São Paulo with particular focus placed on women’s issues and empowerment as well as the promotion of restorative justice practices.

Current Ministries:

Pastoral Carcerária

Through collaboration with the Prison Pastoral of the Archdiocese of São Paulo, Becca offers pastoral accompaniment and support each week to incarcerated populations. She visits women awaiting trial in a female penitentiary in Franco da Rocha and individuals transferred from prisons throughout the state of São Paulo receiving medical treatment for a wide range of health issues at the Hospital Center of the of the Penitentiary System for the State of São Paulo each week. For an overwhelming majority of prisoners, a visit from a Pastoral Carcerária agent might be the only contact they have from outside the prison during the duration of their sentence.

Becca hopes to eventually focus her pastoral work within the prisons on the promotion of restorative justice practices, nonviolent communication, and conversation circles focused on mental and emotional health.

Instituto Terra, Trabalho, e Cidadania

At the Institute of Land, Work, and Citizenship, a Brazilian NGO located in the city center of São Paulo, Becca contributes to Projeto Egressas.

Projecto Egressas addresses the specific reentry issues women face when they leave prison that create barriers to accessing employment, opportunity, or important social or legal services or increase the occurrence of recidivism. The project works to connect women to various support networks in São Paulo, providing focused accompaniment during this next stage in their journey.

Casa de Clara

At Casa de Clara, a ministry sponsored by a Franciscan NGO, Becca contributes to programs that uplift the dignity of elderly Brazilians. Currently, she builds relationships with individuals each week through assisting with a painting and conversation circle.

Personal Data:

A native Kansan, Becca studied English and Sociology at Emporia State University and earned a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from the University of Dayton. Becca most recently served as Program and Recruitment Coordinator for four years at Amate House, the young adult volunteer program of the Archdiocese of Chicago. Previously, she worked for University of Dayton Campus Ministry, Heartland Human Care Services, and Catholic Charities of Chicago.