Ann Kennedy

Year Joined MKLM: 2010
Country: Bolivia
City: Cochabamba
Focus: Civil and Human Rights, Education, Healthcare, Pastoral Ministry

People Served:
1. IDH programs reach thousands of people each year
2. Patients in the public hospital in Cochabamba

Project Goal(s):

1. To support health and human rights of those with HIV/AIDS and to prevent the spread of the virus
2. To offer pastoral support to hospitalized poor; to collaborate with the hospital’s office of social work and with other organizations in Cochabamba to meet the needs of the hospitalized poor

Personal Data
Prior to joining MKLM in 2010, Ann was employed as an English and ESL teacher and she resided in Berkeley, California for 25 years. For more than 30 years, she taught in both California and New Mexico – primarily in public high schools. “I especially value the work I did with immigrant students in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 20 years,” Ann says of her domestic ministry work.

Ann is no stranger to mission abroad either. In the 1980s, she spent two years teaching in Shanghai, China and in Bogota, Colombia. In the 1990s, she spent several summers in Ecuador and Guatemala studying Spanish and indigenous folklore, and a summer in Mexico studying migration and education issues. More recently, Ann has volunteered her summers teaching ESL to Tibetan youth in India and assisting with fundraising for a medical NGO in Guatemala.

After retirement in 2009, Ann brought her ministry work to her home diocese in Oakland, California where she worked to meet the needs of community members at Newman Hall / Holy Spirit Parish and at Berkeley Zen Center.

Ann became a Maryknoll Lay Missioner in 2010 and served in two ministries in Bolivia. She accompanied patients hospitalized with AIDS-related illnesses in the public hospital. She shared information about services offered by IDH and by government programs and explained the human rights of those with HIV. She assisted in organizing materials for educational workshops in secondary schools and universities and in training sessions for teachers, accompanied presenters to workshops, and loged patient data into service records. Ann encouraged patients’ improvement by letting them know of resources available to help their recovery and to help them maintain strength when they left the hospital.

In her second ministry with the Archdiocese of Cochabamba, Ann made pastoral visits to patients in the public hospital. She collaborated with the social work office and with other organizations in Cochabamba to meet the needs of the very poor in the public hospital. She facilitated patients’ attendance at Mass on a public floor in the hospital. Ann left MKLM in 2014.

Current Work