Cindy Korb

Year Joined MKLM: 2009
Country: Kenya
City: Kitale
Focus: Education
Project(s): English Teacher, St Monica’s Secondary School in Kitale, Kenya.
People Served: 150 students in my classes, 585 in entire school

Project Goal(s): To provide students from economically disadvantaged homes with an education. Enhance each boy’s self-esteem and his belief in God.

Personal Data
Cindy and John Korb joined MKLM in 2009 from the Sacred Heart Church of Tonganoxie in the diocese of Kansas City, Kansas. The couple was married in 1976 and has two daughters: Katrina Korb who is a professor at the University of Jos in Jos Nigeria, and Andrea Korb, an assistant women’s basketball coach at Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY.

Prior to joining MKLM, Cindy was an educator for 33 years. An Emporia State University alumnus, Cindy earned her BSE in 1976, her MS in 1979. She has always been extremely active in not only extracurricular school activities, but also within her local community and home parish. Her volunteer work has included positions as a church organist, Pastoral Council member, Altar Society treasurer, Kaw Valley Quilters Guild Miniature Quilt Auction chair, Project Graduation treasurer, Performing Arts Booster Club board director, and a 4-H leader.

In 2004, Cindy volunteered to travel with Carleton Women’s Basketball team Goodwill Tour to Thailand. As part of the experience, she, along with her husband John, volunteered for five days at a boarding facility for students who left their homes in the mountains to attend school. Cindy’s other overseas experience includes service with Homeless Children International – Kenya in Oloitokitok, Kenya during the summers of 2005 and 2007. While there, Cindy and John taught in the Mt. Kibo Slopes Primary School and also helped with nightly preps, weekend activities, and free time activities.

Current Ministry
In her current ministry, Cindy is an English teacher at St. Monica’s Secondary School in Kitale, Kenya. She collaborates with Dioceses of Kitale and the bishop placed her in her ministry.

St. Monica’s is a boarding school for secondary (high school) students. Until Cindy’s arrival in 2010, the school was short two English teachers. Cindy has helped fill the gap by teaching more than 150 of the 585 students.

Of her ministry, Cindy says, “I hope to positively impact not only the students in my classes at St. Monica’s, but also the entire student body as I work to enhance their education. In addition, I hope to be an example and resource for the teaching staff.