David Rosser

Year Joined MKLM: 2011
Country: Tanzania
City: Mwanza
Focus: Civil & human Rights, Economic Development and Education

Personal Data:

David Rosser was both born and raised in Seattle Washington. David received his Bachelor’s in English and teaching certificate in 2003; he then procured his special education endorsement in 2010. Got married to Caitlin at St. Francis parish in Burien on July 3rd, 2010. Taught in the Highline School District just south of Seattle before joining Maryknoll Lay Missioners. While they both visited Morogoro, Tanzania in 2009 they knew that they would like to invest a more significant amount of their lives in Tanzania. While looking at various organizations to partner with, MKLM came up and seemed to fit well. A commitment to the Catholic faith, teachings on social justice, and a long history in Tanzania all cemented their decision to apply to the MKLM Lay Missioners program.


David started his ministry at Huruma Special Unit: Special Education in April of 2012. Since then they have already the school’s brochure, teaching English to the teachers and fixed the school’s driveway which was damaged by a foot deep crevasse running down the middle of it.

David sees one of the biggest problem in serving this group of disabled students to be as he says, “The biggest problem for children with disabilities here in Tanzania is exclusion from daily life and especially the education system. This means that these students lack a place, funding, adequately trained teachers and oftentimes are not treated with basic human dignity.”

He adds further that, “In the long term we hope for a system of inclusion in the local public and parochial schools that delivers individualized , accessible and appropriate education to students with a wide range of disabilities. In The near term, we hope for greater independence of the Huruma Special Unit School.”

David sees himself initially conducting workshops and consultations with current teachers and start training them in the English language, donor solicitation, usage of computers and the internet, utilize the best education practices, and work towards a preventative school facility maintenance. He would like to also survey and assess current schools in the Mwanza area to be potential sites for inclusive programs. Begin planning jointly with these institutions for developing an inclusion program for students with disabilities.