Dina Mac

COUNTRY: Nicaragua
FOCUS: Education

Dina was born Geraldine O’Connell and changed her name to Dina Mac after marriage. Dina was a teacher and received two Masters Degrees: Religious Studies and Semitics. She taught English classes and did translations /Spanish-English taught qigong classes and general pastoral work.

After her service in Nicaragua as a Maryknoll Lay Missioner she married and lived in Guatemala with her husband for 9 years. After his death in a tragic accident Dina moved to Chile with a dear friend of 40 years. While in Chile, she learned qigong and reflexology. She practiced meditation and did translations and interpretations, English-Spanish and vice versa. She also carried out empowerment classes for women and literacy classes.

She was a Maryknoll Lay Missioner in Nicaragua for 3 years.

Lay Missioners Pat Hynds, Geraldine O'Connell (Dina) and Sister Peg Healy

Lay Missioners Pat Hynds, Geraldine O’Connell (Dina) and Maryknoll Sister Peg Healy

Dina O’Connell Mac passed away on March 24, 2018 in Limache, Chile. Let us keep her in our prayers and thank God for the life she lived and the lives she touched through her many ministries.