Frances E. Kramer

CITY: Tokyo
FOCUS: Health Care and Health education

She was born at West Point, NY, in 1947 and attended a Maryknoll grade school in Hawaii in the early 1950’s. Fran Kramer was born into an army family and spent her childhood in Hawaii and Japan. She attributes her life-long love of Asia and cross-cultural influences to these early years. Being able to see the back of the head of the Great Buddha at Kamakura from her bedroom window no doubt affected how she views the world: it can be seen from many different viewpoints, depending where you stand. What you see is not as important as you how see it and the attitude of openness and love that you bring to it. A negative situation can always be changed by the informing wisdom of a broader vision, no matter whether it comes from outside or from within, and Fran views her life as one long series of healing and transforming changes that have filled her with awe and wonder. These transformations have been fed and led by over 40 years of dreamwork which brought her into a closer relationship with Christ. One such transformation was a profound kundalini awakening which began in 2007 and continues to bring energy and direction into her life.

She lived in Kyoto for two years of language school and then lived in Tokyo, near Sanya, the depressed area of Tokyo where the Ryo Yu Kai was located. Historically, Sanya is the modern name for what was the infamous red light district during the Edo (pre-modern) period of Japanese history.


  1. Homeless or family-less (not officially registered as a member of a family) elderly men who dropped in at the Ryo Yu Kai, an Elder Club run by the government.
  2. Doctors, nurses and the wider health community who were wanting to learn more about the Hospice movement which was just starting at that time in Japan. I was a member of a team working out of Sophia University in Tokyo to educate the Japanese medical community on what Hospice was and how it could serve the Japanese health care needs within the Japanese culture.


  1. At the Ryo Yu Kai, she supported the Club’s goals of providing companionship and care to the homeless elderly men who were there. She play Go (a form of Japanese chess) with them, was the manager of the Club’s Gate Ball Team, and visited the members when they were sick and dying.
  2. At Sophia University, she gave talks in Japanese on Hospice care and how concepts fitted with traditional Japanese spiritual ideas. She also participated in bereavement groups and gave fundraiser talks at US military bases to raise money for the building of a hospice in Tokyo.

In addition, she taught a Bible class to three Japanese friends that converted to Catholicism from Buddhism.

As owner of The Healing Dream Garden LLC, Fran Kramer explores with her students and clients the relationship of dreams and intuition to spirituality, health and wellbeing. She lives in Ewa Beach, Hawai’i – a real garden of healing. She is an educator, writer and holistic life coach whose passion is communicating the power of inner wisdom to transform lives, beginning at the spiritual level and working outward through the great gifts of the body as a sender and receiver of healing energy. Her blog,, has reached thousands of people around the world and gives specific advice on dreams and intuition. See list below for her other publications. She teaches classes on spirituality, dreams, intuition, and energy healing at various venues to include university, hospital, church and community settings.


  • International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD)
  • Associated Chinese University Women, Inc. (ACUW) Member, Board of Directors
  • Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc.


  • M.A., 1975, Asian Studies (Religion & Philosophy) University of Hawaii
  • B.A., Asian Studies (Anthropology & Government), University of Texas, Austin
  • Project Management Certification from CGI, Inc. (2004)
  • Two-year program in spiritual direction using dreams as the methodology (1984 – 1986)
  • Intuitive Heart TM instructor certified by the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies (2011)
  • Certified Hospice Hawaii Volunteer (2016)
  • Certified Spiritual Care Volunteer (2017)


User Manuals:

  • Harvesting the Healing Dream Garden: A User Manual on Intentional Dreaming for Healing and Spiritual Growth
  • Harvesting Intuitive Insights: A User Manual on Intentional Intuitive Meditation for Healing and Spiritual Growth.

Published Novels

  • Dead Men Do Tell Tales, A gutsy teen learns to work with dreams and intuitive to solve mysteries and life problems.
  • The Traveling Sketchbook: An American Kid Discovers Japan, A fictional account based on the author’s true -life adventures of growing up in Japan.

Book Digest:

  • Pioneering Christian Kundalini, A Book Digest by Fran Kramer.


  • Intuitive HeartBeat, newsletter of the Intuitive Discovery Network.