George Otte

NAME: George Otte
COUNTRY: Tanzania
CITY: Mwanza
FOCUS: Education
MINISTRY NAME: Huruma School for Children with Disabilities, Director’s Assistant
PEOPLE SERVED: 43 students and 12 teachers in a community of 15,000
GOAL: Help children with disabilities acquire education and life skills to allow them to live as contributing members of their society.

After a 34 year career as a Civil/ Sanitary Engineer, George Otte decided to join MKLM in 2008. Like his wife, fellow MKLM missioner, Michele, George had spent years volunteering to serve his community.

Parishioners of St. Raymond Church, Menlo Park, in the Archdiocese of San Francisco, the couple volunteered with Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WME). WME is a workshop organization that helps couples strengthen their marriage through their faith. George was also very active with Boy Scouts.

George earned two Civil / Sanitary Engineering degrees from the University of California: a Bachelor of Science, at Berkeley, and a Master of Science, at Davis.

In Mwanza, Tanzania, George worked at Hurama School for Children with Disabilities, a project that Bertha Haas co-founded, to address the needs of disabled children in Mwanza. He assisted Huruma’s Director to provide vision, leadership, and skills development, and to attain financial resources.

George helped implementing the work skills program by purchasing tools, providing safe and secure storage for those valuable resources, mentoring a Tanzanian teacher in the methods of performing and teaching woodworking, drainage construction, and landscaping, and by teaching the children.

Practically, the program allowed the children a means by which to function independently. Spiritually, the children gain a sense of pride and dignity.

George and Michele are retired