John Korb

Year Joined MKLM: 2009
Country: Kenya
City: Kitale
Focus: Education
Project(s): Math and Geography Teacher at Weaver Bird Secondary School
People Served: 400+ students

Personal Data:

John and Cindy Korb joined MKLM in 2009 from the Sacred Heart Church of Tonganoxie in the diocese of Kansas City, Kansas. The couple was married in 1976 and has two daughters: Katrina Korb who is a professor at the University of Jos in Jos Nigeria, and Andrea Korb, an assistant women’s basketball coach at Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY.

Prior to joining MKLM, John was an educator for 33 years, teaching various subject matters and grades. John earned his degree in elementary education from Emporia State University in 1976.

John volunteered for many projects prior to joining MKLM. He was part of a Church building committee, volunteered at the Good Sheppard Thriftshop, helped senior citizens in his community, and volunteered with Homeless Children International Kenya in the summers of 2005 and 2007. While in Kenya, he and Cindy also taught in the Mt. Kibo Slopes Primary School and helped with nightly preps, weekend activities, and free time activities.

Current Ministry:

John teaches over 400 students at Weaver Bird Secondary School (total school enrollment is about 800 students) in the areas of mathematics and geography. While not in the classroom, he also helps students during their prep and break time with their math. Weekly he meets (help sponsor) with students who belong to Young Christian Students Organization (YCS).

Weaver Bird is a mixed (girls and boys) day/boarding secondary school whose students are of lower academic ability and/or come from low income families. Many of the students come from rural areas whose parents are subsistence farmers or operate a small kiosk. A few of the students are from the South Sudan. Most of the students have not been away from their home area and subsequently have little knowledge about the rest of their country. English is spoken very little if at all in the student’s homes. So not only does John teach geography and math he also helps the students with their English. In most cases he is the first “white” person the students have really had the opportunity to interact with.

John tries as much as possible to bring pictures to enhance their learning, realizing it is hard for them to understand concepts without seeing (what is a mountain, ocean, etc.). The YCS program has been somewhat inactive in recent years in participating in diocesan activities. Students would like to participate in YCS youth rallies but have not had the finances or sponsorship to do so.

John hopes to first to help the students with their self-esteem and improve their outlook for the future. Second is to improve their academic skills. At the same time to encourage them in their Christian faith. John wants to make the YCS a vibrant and active program which will meet the needs of students as individuals.