Kathleen Davis Grey

COUNTRY: Tanzania
FOCUS: Education and Sustainable Development

She was born in Seattle Washington and her family lived all over the country. She claims West Virginia as home as she graduated from high school there. She has a BS and MS from West Virginia University in Family Science with an emphasis in Rehabilitation Counseling. Prior to leaving for Tanzania she worked for the Division of Rehabilitation Services as a counselor for 3 years. In 1984, she married Gary Grey- who she met in language school in Tanzania. He worked with the Spiritans for 3 years teaching at Oldonyo Samu Seminary in the diocese of Arusha Tanzania. They have been married for 32 years and have 3 children ages 31, 30 and 26 as well as two grandchildren.

When the children were little she worked as a daycare provider at home and part time in retail at Macys. In 1996 she returned to professional employment and worked for 9 years as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor assisting injured workers. From 2006 until her recent retirement she has been a case manager and advocate for people with developmental disabilities.

Kathy lived at Baraki Sisters Farm outside of Musoma. Kathy was a teacher at the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa Postulancy – 40 students. This was a 2 year Postulancy with approximately 20 students per year. She taught English, Sewing, Cooking, and Nutrition and assisted where needed with harvesting and driving. The farm grew crops for the school and rice for the Immaculate Heart Sisters community and had a large cattle herd as well as sheep and goats. Milk and meat were sent to market. Many of the students did not go onto the Novitiate. Kathy says: “hopefully the classes in English and Domestic Science were helpful over many years of their lives.”

Her mentor was Fr. Art Wille, a legend in the Musoma Diocese and still a good friend of her. In 2013 for Kathy’s 60th birthday she was able to return to Tanzania and visit several members of the Immaculate Heart Sisters community. They talked and walked and some days it seemed like time had stood still. She was able to tour new schools and new ministries supported by the sisters. It was a blessing and a lifelong dream of Kathy to return to Tanzania to visit.

Kathy is currently retired. She and her husband are members of St. Joseph’s Odenton MD and have been involved for 30 years. Her husband and Kathy are currently members of the Haiti Ministry and work with parishioners to raise annual funds to support a Feed and Educate program at St. Peter’s Poteau Haiti. They have traveled there several times and enjoy hosting the pastor when he visits for an annual celebration of their Sister Parish relationship. She is also involved in a homeless ministry that provides shelter for 30 men one week a year at their parish. It is part of a county program with 70 different churches participating throughout the year.