Lexie Adams

Name: Lexie Adams
Year Joined MKLM: 2012
City: Cochabamba
Country: Bolivia
Focus: Healthcare, preventative care and connect to the community through outreach projects.

Personal Data:

Lexie grew up on a farm in Mesa, Washington and has three siblings (an older brother and sister and a younger sister). She has a BSN from Georgetown University College of Nursing and Health Studies and is a Registered Nurse. She received a BS degree at Santa Clara University (CA) with a major of Combined Sciences (Pre-Med). For the last two years Lexie has worked in nursing at Unity Health Care-Christ House, an in-patient health facility for the homeless who have medical needs. She served two years in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in DC at the Northwest Pregnancy Center. She was active at St. Augustine Catholic Church in DC as a Eucharistic Minister, and part of the Social Justice and Young Adult groups. She is married to Marc Adams.

Current Ministry:

Lexie is currently serving at two ministry sites. She spends two days a week at an orphanage called Solomon Klein (150 babies and children), where she assists with the care of approximately 30 babies and on some days 40 toddlers. Her main goal there is to provide more one-on-one time with the babies to improve the chances of healthy mental and emotional well being as well as improve hygiene and decrease the spread of germs in the orphanage. She also is working on developing relationships with her coworkers to help create a more positive and supportive work environment.

Her second ministry site is Centro Medico Andres Pedron, where she serves three days a week. Her main focus is helping to organize the patient charting system, taking vital signs and communicating more information to the doctor and again building relationships with her coworkers to help create a more supportive and positive work environment. She also helps connect the clinic with the community through outreach projects where she has gone to weigh and measure children and has given various demonstrations on how to properly wash hands, clean water, brush teeth and the importance of going to the doctor to get screened for amoebas, parasites, malnutrition, cancer, diabetes etc. There is also effort underway trying to connect the parish garden with the clinic to promote healthy living. The clinic currently is learning what items can be composted and is adding biodegradable kitchen waste to the garden.