Margaret DeCrescentis

Year Joined MKLM: 2012
Country: Kenya
City: Kitale
Ministry: Education at St. John Bosco Center
Population Served: School Children

Personal Data:

Margaret has a BA in Fine Arts and Religious Studies from Our Lady of the Lake University and has studied theology at Don Bosco College and art at Metro State College and Colorado State University College of Santa Fe. She spent 10 years as a Salesian Sister. She served as a nanny and was active at Our Lady of Loreto parish as a Eucharistic Minister, visiting the home bound, choir member, religious education teacher and served on the Parish Council. Also Margaret has worked as a baker and activity coordinator for Alzheimer and dementia residents in a senior living complex. She has wanted to be a foreign missioner since childhood.

Current Ministry:

Margaret teaches at St. John Bosco Center for Children in Kitale Kenya. She has this to say about her ministry. ” I teach music and movement (singing and dancing) first thing in the morning.” Since our there is a scarcity of teachers and there is high demand on teachers for other responsibilities, when this happens Margaret substitutes for them in Grade 1 and Nursery. She also teaches Class 1 and Nursery computer. They learn basic Math, Phonics, English, and hand-eye coordination through this.

Margaret also says, “I’m in charge of the library (keeping books in order, helping keep track of books taken out, and distributing school supplies); and the game closet (distributing and collecting jump ropes, balls, etc. when we have recess). I teach art and assist on the playground. I’ve started a “Crochet Club” for our older girls to help them learn a potential trade or just to have this skill to make things for themselves and build their self esteem.”