Michael Gable

COUNTRY: Venezuela
CITY: Barquisimeto.
FOCUS: Pastoral and Justice and Peace


Dr. Mike Gable and his wife Kathy are originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and have 4 sons and 5 grandchildren. Before becoming the full time director of the Mission Office in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati in 2000, Mike served nine years as a Pastoral Associate at St. Michael Church in Sharonville, Ohio. Previously he was a Director of Religious Education in parishes around New Albany, Indiana for six years. Since 1992, Mike has taught courses such as Liberation Theology, Dialogue among World Religions, Missiology, and Faith and Justice, and Francis Xavier the Missionary, at Xavier University, College of Mt. St. Joseph, and at the local diocesan seminary in Cincinnati.

In the 1980s, Mike and his family served with Maryknoll. For most of those years Mike served the Justice and Peace office in Ossining, New York and later with his family in Bolivia and Venezuela. Before he was married he served as Secular Franciscan Lay missioner in Honduras. Mike has advanced degrees in Psychology, Religious Education and Theology (from the Maryknoll Seminary). In 2006, he completed his doctorate in Missiology, with a dissertation on “What the Engaged Buddhism of Thich Nhat Hanh has to offer to the Liberation Theology of Gustavo Gutierrez.”


Dr. Gable and his family served with local Maryknoll teams to promote the local Catholic parish efforts with Bible study, sacramental preparation, community development, and they raised their family as a local witness to Christ. Much of his time was devoted to developing a local baseball ministry to reach out to hundreds of youth with the catechists as a way to invite them to the church community, to sacramental preparation, and to develop local leadership. That baseball ministry continues to promote local leadership and team work in the barrio until today, saving many from drugs and gangs.

He helped to establish the Maryknoll Affiliate Group in Cincinnati over the past 10 years or so. For the past 7 years, he has given workshops to the Maryknoll Lay Missioner’s candidates.

Dr Gable stated “Thanks to my years with Maryknoll, I, and I believe my family, have learned how social justice and faith cannot be separated. We’ve learned the importance of long term solidarity as we’ve reached out to various cultures over the years. This has greatly affected my vocation as a father, husband and my professional life.”


Thanks to his experience with Maryknoll, he was encouraged to earn a doctorate degree in Missiology. A summary of his dissertation was later printed in Mission Studies, Journal of the International Association for Mission Studies. He has also written for the professional journal for the American Society of Missiology, Missiology, an International Review.

He helped to write the Orbis Book, What is the Mission of the Church: A Guide for Catholics? with Roger Schroeder. He also aided Dennis O’Connor in writing the book Bridges for Faith: Building a Relationship with a Sister Parish by St. Anthony Messenger Press.

Dr. Gable has written several articles for the Maryknoll magazine, the St. Anthony Messenger, U.S. Catholic and as many in the local Catholic newspaper for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, The Catholic Telegraph.

He has been teaching a variety of theology classes at local universities for the nearly the past 25 years. Among the most rewarding has been the Liberation Theology course I’ve been teaching the past 20 years at Xavier University that is part of a full semester for our students in Nicaragua.

His experience with Maryknoll has also enabled him to become a full time director for the Mission Office of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati for the past 16 years. During this time, he has developed the ministry of parish twinning or sister parishes. You can visit the website: http://www.catholiccincinnati.org/ministries-offices/mission-office/ and learn more.

Dr. Gable has also helped to develop the “Third Wave Institute” to help other dioceses, schools, and parishes to start and improve their mission/immersion trips, short term missioners, and twinning partnerships. For new training videos modules, go to: www.thirdwaveofmission.org

All these efforts led him to be elected to the board of the American Society of Missiology and the U.S. Catholic Mission Association and receive an award from the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in Cincinnati. “All glory and thanks goes to our good God, my patient wife, family, friends and mission collaborators. God bless Maryknoll!”