Rose Anderson

CITY: Kitale
FOCUS: Health
PROJECT: Healthcare in Kiminini Hospital and Kitale Aids Programme
PEOPLE SERVED: Estimated population in area is over 50,000
GOAL: Provide quality healthcare for inhabitants of Kitale

Rose is from Miami, FL, and joined MKLM in 2005. Before that she worked as a nurse practitioner at Camillus Health Concern, a clinic for the homeless and poor in Miami. She also worked as a staff nurse in a hospital, a head nurse in a detox and treatment center for alcoholics and drug addicts, and a research nurse in an HIV/AIDS program at the University of Miami. She has been involved in supporting a clinic at Bercail du Bon Berger, an orphanage and school in Haiti, for more than 10 years. She lived there for 6 months in 2000. Rose is a long time member of Pax Christi and lived at Shalom Catholic Worker in Kansas City, KS, in 1983. She studied nursing at St. Mary of the Plains in Dodge City, KS, and the University of Miami. She served on the parish council at St. Francis Xavier Church in the Diocese of Miami.

Rose serves as a nurse practioner in Kitale, Kenya. Kitale is a town of about 50,000. The district has an absolute poverty level of 55%. The combination of poverty and AIDS has resulted in a health crisis in the area. In the mornings she works in the Kitale AIDS Programme, an outpatient clinic for adults and children who are infected with HIV. KAP is under the administration of the Medical Missionaries of Mary. It is the first clinic to provide antiretroviral medications in the Kitale area. KAP is also the ONLY place in the area with follow-up medical care and primary care for those suffering with HIV and AIDS. The clinic now cares for approximately 700 adults with AIDS and 120 children. Last year, more than 2,000 were counseled and tested for HIV.

In the afternoons she works at Kiminini Cottage Hospital, a 30-bed rural hospital under the direction of the Diocese of Kitale. The KCH serves adults and children seeking treatment for various illnesses including malaria (Kiminini is in an endemic area), tuberculosis, and typhoid. There is also an active prenatal and obstetric practice, which encourages women to deliver in the hospital rather than at home. Children receive immunizations and screenings for developmental delays and malnutrition. The hospital is under the medical direction of Dr. Susan Nagele, a Maryknoll Lay Missioner who has served in Africa for over 20 years.

One afternoon a week Rose serves at St. John Bosco Rehabilitation Program providing physical exams, screenings, and treating acute illnesses of street children. This program houses street children for two years, providing informal and formal schooling while working closely with their parents or relatives for the children’s eventual reintegration into the family. It is a program of the Diocese of Kitale and is administered by Russ Brine, also a Maryknoll Lay Missioner.