Stephen T. Paone

Year Joined MKLM: 1985
Country: Venezuela

Personal Data
Steve is originally from Boston, MA. He had a B.A. in Math and Philosophy from Boston College (1971) and a Masters in Counseling from Suffolk University (1975, Boston, MA). He was in the Peace Corps teaching math in Ghana for 3 months after he graduated from college in 1971.

At the time he entered the Lay Missioners in 1985 he was self-employed doing housecleaning and odd jobs as well as volunteer work with teenagers in a parish (retreats, sharing groups, social activities, C.C.D., etc.)

His interests included all sports, especially running and basketball, reading, youth ministry and travel.

MKLM Ministry
For Steve Paone joining Maryknoll Lay Missioners was a matter of trying to live out a faith commitment that says not only is God real, but faith in God is the most important thing about living: “it’s not just what you do, it’s in whose name you do it.”

Paone was attracted to Maryknoll’s emphasis on team ministry, which he calls “the heart and soul of Maryknoll’s vision of people living together and reflecting on scripture and applying it to their lives.” “I think the call to mission is the call to forget yourself, to stop being so selfish and be more concerned with others just as Christ was,” he said.

Paone said he welcomes the opportunity to “live in solidarity with people, to live the same experience, to experience the same conditions they do and to show them that they’re not alone. We do that by responding to individual needs, and also to the larger community by showing them how to empower themselves, how to work against systems that do the opposite – that take away their rights, that try to crush them, that don’t let them organize, that don’t feed them or respond to their needs.”

Current Ministry
Before Steve got severely ill he was the Housing Coordinator for Eliot Community Services In Wilmington, formerly of Revere.

Steve died after a long illness on December 13, 2016.