Veronica Holland

Year Joined MKLM: 2012
Education and Economic Development
Project(s): St. Joseph’s Home Craft School
Project Goal: Assist students in broadening their marketability and development of life skills for expanded opportunities.

Personal Data:
Veronica is from the Seattle Washington diocese where she was an active member in St. Nicholas Parish, Gig Harbor, Washington. She has a BBA from Marshall University and has worked in government and as a massage therapist. Before joining MKLM, she participated in two volunteer tours with the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers and taught ESL in the Tacoma, Washington area.

Current Ministry:
Veronica’s current ministry is at St. Joseph’s Home Craft School in Kirumba, Mwanza. The school serves students in one of the poor areas of the city. While the school is under the supervision of the Diocese of Mwanza, it raises its own funds. There are 5 teachers so the budget is largely for salaries with little remaining for operations or supplies. The goal is to help the students become successful in their fields- whether in business or the family environment. The objective to bridge the gap in the transition from rural to urban society. Veronica tells us she hopes to, “Identify which areas I can be of best assistance, e.g., demonstrating western cooking and baking tools and techniques as well as augment the vocational experience and objective of self confidence. I would also like to introduce role playing for various service, interview or customer-based activities as well as improve self confidence in my students by introducing a class outline for interviews, resumes, proper dress and bridging the gap of rural vs urban reality.”